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I’ve had these rugs sitting in the laundry room for months. I’ve been wanting to do something with them, but up until yesterday I wasn’t quite sure what that something was. After spray painting some bins gold and thinking about all the things I am trying to organize right now, I finally knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. Make more bins!

I bought some soft-sided bins from the Container Store a couple years ago that I love, but they were not cheap. Not even close to cheap. But, these rugs were cheap…under $4 cheap. They are seasonal items, but I can usually find something like this or similar when I am at Ikea and I know this sort of thing is available elsewhere, although the colors and exact sizes might vary. Fortunately, this sort of thing can be adapted easily to whatever you have on hand. I even bought a rug like this in a dollar store once (even cheaper!).

Other than the rug, all you need is a needle, some thread (I used thick quilting thread) and a pair of scissors. Oh, and a safety pin or two are helpful as well.

Start by folding the rug in half and sew up the sides. It was easier for me to sew on the inside of the thick edge than right through it, so that’s what I did. Leave the fringe ends open (don’t sew them together). 

Once the sides are sewn together, fold the rug in half (sewn sides together) and find the center of the folded edge (what would have been the middle of the rug). I marked mine with a safety pin.

Take a non-fringe corner and fold it in to your center mark. The fabric should form a triangle.

Now do the same with the opposite corner. This will be the bottom of your bin.

Sew along the diagonal edges of these folds as well as the folded edge on the inside your bin.

Here is what the outside of the bin should look like when you’ve finished sewing along the edges.

And here is what one of the inside folded edges looks like when sewn.

Once you’ve sewn these six folded edges, you are basically done. The bins are essentially reversible, So use whatever side you want for the inside. I chose to use this side.

Fold down the sides for more stability. I tried mine a few different heights and settled on this.

The amount of side folded over also depends on what you want to store in them. I tried mine with books and yarn projects and I might also use them to store toys or towels.

When you aren’t using them, they fold up and store quite nicely.

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My First Rag Rug

Okay, so it isn’t made of “rags,” but rather from about 3 yards of fabric I’ve had sitting around for about a year.

I decided to use this striped knit fabric I found in the dollar section at M&L.  Since I was only going to use one fabric and a rather simple patterned one, I decided to go with the waffle crochet pattern.  I found this tutorial useful for learning the stich.  I got excited and wanted to start crocheting it before I went out and bought a giant crochet hook and it worked so well with just my fingers that I didn’t bother to buy a hook after all.

About half way through my middle finger got sore, so I switched to using my index finger as the hook.

Here is the bottom of the newly finished rug.  There was just enough fabric to make a 16″ x 20″ rug. I actually like how the underneath side feels underfoot even better than “right” side up.

Its certainly chunky and I think it will be pretty absorbant, so it might be good for the kitchen or bathroom.

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Welcome Rug

"Welcome to the Beach"

I want this little rug from Cost Plus! Wouldn’t it be the perfect note on which to start a mini beach vacation? I think it would put our guests in a better mood.  I might be in luck because its only $14.99 which I think is pretty good.  Hmm…

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