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When we moved into this place, three and a half years ago, we had significantly less kitchen storage space than our last home. So, finding alternatives to free up some of the cupboard space was necessary. We decided to get the pots up on the ceiling. We couldn’t actually put it above the oven/stovetop because we would have hit our heads on it, but there was a perfect spot for it above a counter within easy reach.
I decided to look at an architectural salvage place for ideas. We ended up with this small gate, which was an oxidized gray, pretty, but not what I was picturing in my head. We painted it and my husband went up in the attic to make sure we were hanging it in in the joists. I didn’t want this thing coming down on my head!

I found hooks online and the whole thing has served us extremely well and the overall cost was still cheaper than the pot racks I was seeing online.

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This morning as I perused others’ Pintrest boards, I found myself combing this online magazine which has a little article on the history of postcards (see page 19). In the early 1900’s in England, mail was delivered up to three times a day in some towns, which meant postcards could be used like we use Facebook updates or text messages. “Honey, I will be home at seven.”

I’m sure I am not alone in my use of postcards in our decor. I love how they convey many ideas in a compact space. A few weeks ago, I added a few to a gallery wall in the bathroom. I like to think that having vintage vacation postcards from my own home town helps put me in a more relaxed state of mind. If I am finding myself particularly stressed, I try playing a game with myself where I think about how I would look at the day differently if we were on holiday. Every day can be a kind of vacation in your own town, in your own home. It’s a little easier for me to do as our vacation days are often filled with so many of the same things our “typical” days at home are comprised of now…making meals, washing babies, picking up toys, watching documentaries, making crafts, doing laundry…

During our 2 month long trip last fall, we tried to send postcards to the grandparents from many of the stops along our way. We also collected a small stack of our own as mementos from our trip that I need to do something with. I haven’t decided whether to put them in a book or display them somewhere. Maybe someday we will have enough to do something like this…

I’ve also loved these Pottery Barn displays…

When we visit museums, I like to pick up at least one postcard of a piece of art that we viewed on that visit. Here is one from our last visit to the Getty. Which sits there, reminding me that we are due for another visit.

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Etsy Presents!

I know this isn’t exactly home related, but I love to have beautiful accessories to hang on the hooks by the front door. They serve a sort of double accessorizing purpose.

This was my Christmas present from my parents.  My Mama found it on Etsy (with help from my Amazon.com universal wishlist).  I love it.  It fits plenty of diapers and wipes, teething toys, a couple small notepads and crayons and my wallet, camera and keys too.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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I found these green stands at a flea market a couple months ago for $15 (for the pair).  I originally intended for them to go up in the new office/guest apartment, but I loved them too much to commit them to that space.  It’s my husband’s office and I rarely go up there.  I really would like to see these more often. Everyday would be nice.  I like them that much. I just haven’t found the right place for them yet.

They are 26 inches high, which is about five inches too high to be used as side tables next to our sofa.  They also need something on the top, preferably transparent, so that we can set things on them.

Yesterday as I was picking up some shelves from a guy off craigslist, I grabbed two glass shelves that he was trying to get rid of because they looked close to the right size.  As you can see (you have to look close), they are a wee bit on the small side.  Depending on how and where I use them, I could still see this glass working out, but we will have to see.

Oh, I really love them. I need to find them a home!

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