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When we moved into this place, three and a half years ago, we had significantly less kitchen storage space than our last home. So, finding alternatives to free up some of the cupboard space was necessary. We decided to get the pots up on the ceiling. We couldn’t actually put it above the oven/stovetop because we would have hit our heads on it, but there was a perfect spot for it above a counter within easy reach.
I decided to look at an architectural salvage place for ideas. We ended up with this small gate, which was an oxidized gray, pretty, but not what I was picturing in my head. We painted it and my husband went up in the attic to make sure we were hanging it in in the joists. I didn’t want this thing coming down on my head!

I found hooks online and the whole thing has served us extremely well and the overall cost was still cheaper than the pot racks I was seeing online.

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My First Rag Rug

Okay, so it isn’t made of “rags,” but rather from about 3 yards of fabric I’ve had sitting around for about a year.

I decided to use this striped knit fabric I found in the dollar section at M&L.  Since I was only going to use one fabric and a rather simple patterned one, I decided to go with the waffle crochet pattern.  I found this tutorial useful for learning the stich.  I got excited and wanted to start crocheting it before I went out and bought a giant crochet hook and it worked so well with just my fingers that I didn’t bother to buy a hook after all.

About half way through my middle finger got sore, so I switched to using my index finger as the hook.

Here is the bottom of the newly finished rug.  There was just enough fabric to make a 16″ x 20″ rug. I actually like how the underneath side feels underfoot even better than “right” side up.

Its certainly chunky and I think it will be pretty absorbant, so it might be good for the kitchen or bathroom.

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Hanging Cups

Recently, I have been finding and collecting vintage Melmac dishes.  They are great for the kids and they are not very expensive.  We now have 10, almost perfectly matched, aqua coffee mug cups that have been sitting stacked on our bar (storage is so limited here).  Its taken a while (a couple months) to figure out where I am going to keep them.  Pictured, is what I came up with.  A while back, we installed a shelf above my kitchen sink that is useful for privacy and storage.  And now, it supports this new cup holder!

This project cost under $10.  A box of eye hooks, 18″ of chain and 4 boxes of S-hooks.  We have 10 cups and 12 hooks as I am hoping to end up with a dozen cups at some point in my collecting.  After figuring out spacing, I pinched the top of the S-hooks with pliers so they would stop falling off the chain every time I took a cup off the hook.

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