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Okay, so I thought I subscribed to enough of those if-you-sign-up-your-friends-you-get-credit shopping sites, but someone just got me hooked on another one. These are some of my favorites items from today.

This is way beyond my budget ($375) and I am sensitive to cashmere, but I can dream…

These are pretty darn cool. They look like they’re made out of thick paper. The details say they are made of 30% recycled content. For a pad of 50 placemats you pay $22. Oh, and you can write on them with chalk!

My mom has been looking for these for a while. I have to say that I’ve been tempted on a number of occasions and this is another one of those. These guys have a few different colors and patterns available. $84 its a bit steep in my opinion, but with some credit it might become more of an option.

Now, I really love Aden and Anais blankets. Target has 4-packs for about $35, but the local store has never had these patterns. I saw them in person in a little boutique selling individually once (maybe they were knockoffs) but they were priced at a ridiculous $20/blanket! It didn’t stop me from coveting the striped pink and red (the close-up makes it look pink, but from my memory the dark pink reads more red in person). Open Sky is selling this 4-pack for $50, which is good I guess if you want these 4 (I really only want that striped one) and can’t find them elsewhere.

Now this is pretty cool and affordable. I would love to receive something like this for Christmas. Grow your own mushrooms! Now, I probably wouldn’t be 100% successful, but I would enjoy trying and every time I attempt to garden I think I get a little better at it. This pack is $20. To be honest I have no idea it this is a good price.

Now this is pretty cool. For $25 you can get a cutting board with precise measurements. I’ve always wondered how far off I’ve been from a perfect julienne.

Anyway, you can find all of these things (well, whatever’s not sold out) and more here at Open Sky.

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‘Tis my favorite tree.

I have alluded to my collection in the backyard. I’ve, of course, killed a few trees because I can kill anything green even if you say its imposible.

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Last week, my mom dropped off an extra parsley plant and a small rosemary bush.  Today I planted them in pots and got the courtyard ready for the coming rain.

I’m getting better about not thinking of this whole gardening business as a ginormous production.  I’m just going to do a little something here and there when I get the chance.

Maybe that should be my current motto…just do a little something.

I like it.

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Wouldn’t these make great terrarium containers?

They are on One Kings Lane today.  Not cheap, but beautiful.

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Cheering Me Up

Kitchen Sink Rose

I can’t see this rose bush from inside so when I get a rare bloom (I am not very good with roses) I bring them inside to enjoy!  This one is called “Brigadoon” and its a hybrid tea rose, in case you want to find one.

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Its Spring!

Its time to plant flowers and veggies, enjoy the sunshine and start a new blog!  Here’s what’s growing in our back garden or when I am in a romantic mood, my Italian garden.

We need to do some work back here which is why these are all close-ups!

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