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I like this.

Idea Paint.

I’d like to paint something like this.

And I’d use it in the playroom.

So, much fun.

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Yesterday afternoon I was feeling the need to get something accomplished, so I decided to add a little life to this back wall.  I should have taken a before photo, but I didn’t think of it. Basically it looked something like this minus the starfish, framed moths and plant.  It was pretty bare. There used to be a lamp on the table, but I got sick of it so its been out in the garage for a few weeks.

The console table is actually the piece we used as an altar in our wedding ceremony (we were married outside).  So it is special to me and I always love incorporating it into our home decor.  The painting is also very personal as it was painted by my husband’s grandfather.

I love the moths.  They were a gift to my husband (from me) for one of his birthdays before we were married. We were both very sad when one of the wings fell off.  Someday we will get that frame apart so that we can fix that poor guy (I’m pretty sure the male is the small one). Its a tough one to crack though.  We will need to actually pry apart the wood to get inside.

The plant stand is actually a wire cake stand. I think it would look better with a larger pot, but this console table can’t really handle a bigger plant. It would totally get knocked over and that would be sad.  I’m always at a loss for what to put on top of surfaces that small children can reach.  This plant and pot are somewhat questionable, but I think we’re safe for the time being.

Ugh, I obviously need to do something about the visible stereo. Its bugged me for a while. Maybe tomorrow…

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I found these green stands at a flea market a couple months ago for $15 (for the pair).  I originally intended for them to go up in the new office/guest apartment, but I loved them too much to commit them to that space.  It’s my husband’s office and I rarely go up there.  I really would like to see these more often. Everyday would be nice.  I like them that much. I just haven’t found the right place for them yet.

They are 26 inches high, which is about five inches too high to be used as side tables next to our sofa.  They also need something on the top, preferably transparent, so that we can set things on them.

Yesterday as I was picking up some shelves from a guy off craigslist, I grabbed two glass shelves that he was trying to get rid of because they looked close to the right size.  As you can see (you have to look close), they are a wee bit on the small side.  Depending on how and where I use them, I could still see this glass working out, but we will have to see.

Oh, I really love them. I need to find them a home!

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