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Bunk Rooms

Throughout childhood, my dream house included a bunkroom for visiting children.  I remember one particular vacation as a child where we rented a house with a bunk room along with a number of other families.  I think there were four bunk beds with a couple trundles.  The room could have slept a dozen children.  For most of the trip, it was only my brothers and I sharing the room.  I remember wishing every bed was filled.

Today I’m sharing some bunk rooms that I have found inspiring…

This couple, who’s house was featured in Southern Living magazine, turned a small upstairs room into a bunkroom.

Here is one that has a wonderfully rustic, clean farm/lake house feel that I think would make a splendid beach house bunk room.

Speaking of beach house bunk rooms…how jealous am I of this one?!  Look at that balcony with the sand and waves. Wow.

And, if I wasn’t already jealous enough, there are four beds in there, not just two.

I’m loving the privacy curtains!  This reminds me…

It has been our dream to take the kids all over the country in an RV or travel trailer someday.  I imagine the kids will be sleeping in some sort of bunk setup when we realize this dream.  Whenever I imagine our dream house bunk room, I always have the image of a tour bus dancing around in there too. So, here are a few of those as well.

I might consider the mini screens in the travel trailer bunks, but not in the dream house bunk room.

Could you imagine sleeping 12 cousins in that amount of space!

Back to more stationary bunk rooms with privacy curtains.

I’ve heard of folks converting large hallways into bunk rooms. Depending on where that hallway ends up I think that could be a pretty nifty idea.

I’ve also heard of very small rooms or large closets being converted into cozy space-mazimizing bunk rooms.

I love the varied levels in this colorful bunk room.

These corner bunks look like a lot of fun.

I’m not sure what I think about the four against one wall look. After seeing the tour bus and hallway/closet-small rooms, it seems like a lot of wasted space, but…

I do like these central, shared ladders though.

If you have a large room, something like this might be fun.  You could pull them all out partially and have a bleacher set up for impromptu plays.

Here’s another large room set up that I probably love simply for the green and red combo.

And for the dream cabin…

And a few more, just because…

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