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I love the shape of my state. It makes me happy and I’ve commemorated it.

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So, I know I am way behind the curve (maybe you’re already sick of seeing chevron), but I finally did it! And, I am happy with it.

The whole project, for which of course I don’t have any in-progress or before pictures, took a couple afternoons. It clogged up our courtyard (everyone had to scoot themselves around the project to get to the front door) and smelled up the house (paint and wood stain fumes drifted in through the giant draft space under our front door).

I think I want to keep orange or red flowers up there on a regular basis. The bottles were collected and painted over a few weeks. It was a great excuse to clean out the fridge and empty out old salad dressing and hot sauce bottles, oh and wine bottles, can’t forget those. I dripped, as sparingly as I could manage, my favorite Annie Sloan paint inside and rolled them around until the paint covered the insides sufficiently.

I found a few insulators at a flee market once and my mother-in-law gave me a small collection of them that had belonged to her dad. It has saved me from climbing over barbed wire and stealing them from the tops of unused power line poles.

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My husband has been getting into watercolor recently. He’s been learning about and buying brushes (his favorite, he actually has a favorite already, is his Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair, the hairs of which were rather specifically selected from the winter tails of male animals) and paper and paint (I’ll spare you all the details on the specificity of these items, but trust me…yeah) and almost every night after the girls are in bed he gets all these supplies out and tries something new.

This means that our girls, especially our 5 year old, have been interested in watercolor too. Our oldest has her own water pen and enjoys experimenting with different angles. If you’ve never seen one of these water pens, check them out sometime. Pretty cool. My husband tells me she is very good at rinsing it after each color and not leaving it in the water. Apparently, that is bad.

So, because of all this, I keep noticing watercolor art that we have put up around the house and what has been showing up on the boards of people I follow on Pinterest. I don’t know if everyone else has been noticing the watercolor current or if this is how it always is, but there’s been a lot up there lately.

Dallas Shaw is one of my new favorites (above) and I love this wallpaper (below) that you can find at Black Crow Studios.

As a gift, my husband recently hired an artist to draw and paint our 18-month old. I can’t wait to get it framed and up on the wall. See…

What’s catching your eye lately?

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This morning as I perused others’ Pintrest boards, I found myself combing this online magazine which has a little article on the history of postcards (see page 19). In the early 1900’s in England, mail was delivered up to three times a day in some towns, which meant postcards could be used like we use Facebook updates or text messages. “Honey, I will be home at seven.”

I’m sure I am not alone in my use of postcards in our decor. I love how they convey many ideas in a compact space. A few weeks ago, I added a few to a gallery wall in the bathroom. I like to think that having vintage vacation postcards from my own home town helps put me in a more relaxed state of mind. If I am finding myself particularly stressed, I try playing a game with myself where I think about how I would look at the day differently if we were on holiday. Every day can be a kind of vacation in your own town, in your own home. It’s a little easier for me to do as our vacation days are often filled with so many of the same things our “typical” days at home are comprised of now…making meals, washing babies, picking up toys, watching documentaries, making crafts, doing laundry…

During our 2 month long trip last fall, we tried to send postcards to the grandparents from many of the stops along our way. We also collected a small stack of our own as mementos from our trip that I need to do something with. I haven’t decided whether to put them in a book or display them somewhere. Maybe someday we will have enough to do something like this…

I’ve also loved these Pottery Barn displays…

When we visit museums, I like to pick up at least one postcard of a piece of art that we viewed on that visit. Here is one from our last visit to the Getty. Which sits there, reminding me that we are due for another visit.

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